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Lee Selby visits ACE Feet in Motion


Featherweight Champion of the World - Lee Selby Visits ACE Feet in Motion for Biomechanical Gait Assessment and Trainer Advice.

We were delighted when Lee Selby got in touch and wanted to come down to the Cardiff Headquarters for an assessment and trainer advice. 

During the assessment we were able to tailor his treatment around his specific needs. Having the 2 metre pressure system on the 20 metre running track allowed us to assess Lee running naturally which was invaluable when it came to diagnosing the problem. After the assessment we were able to get Lee his orthoses made at the time of the appointment so he left with his specific insoles the same day. 

Whilst the orthoses were being made we headed down to the Footwear center where the team advised Lee on the best trainers available for his needs.

It was a pleasure meeting Lee and myself and the whole ACE team wish him all the best for his upcoming bouts. 

To see Lee in action visit click here

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