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The Running Shoe Blog - Asics Cumulus 18


This month Tom Cooper takes a closer look at the Asics Cumulus 18 and shares his thoughts.

A Podiatrist's Perspective

Asics claim that your foot will bounce off the pavement with the lighter, springier Fluidride 2.0 midsole of the Cumulus 18. Asics also boasts the perfect combination of increased power and cushioning with this shoe. 

My Thoughts

Structure/Function – The structure of the shoe is good. There is a strong heel counter that will stabilise the heel during use and mesh in the forefoot that allows for a comfortable fit and without strangling the toes. The cushioning is immediately noticeable when putting the shoe on and continues to feel comfortable over a period of use. With the combination of structure and cushioning, it is not hard to see why this shoe is so popular amongst runners. This shoe is designed as a neutral shoe which is perfect for under pronated or neutral runners as well as runners who need to use orthotics/insoles.

Design – The shoe is designed with a decent heel drop and feels relatively light when worn. The shoe has a good rocker sole helping maintain an efficient transition into toe off. Good structure is noted in the heel counter and the mesh forefoot is comfortable. Asics have mastered the combination of cushioning and structure that some of their rivals haven’t been able to achieve. This shoe will be very suited to anyone who has forefoot widening caused by bunions etc. as there is no stitching in the area across where the forefoot joints would be. A range of colours are available which should please even the fussiest of runners.

Performance – This shoe will suit all types of runners from plodders to pacers which is why this shoe is one of Asics best sellers. The cushioning levels will also please heel strikers, midfoot strikers and forefoot strikers.

Overall Rating – 8.5/10

This shoe has a combination of a great feel, lightweight, increased cushioning, decent support and is also well priced around the £115 mark that makes it a favourite amongst the running community. Insoles/Orthoses will also fit well in this shoe which is why I find myself recommending it in the clinical environment. Well done Asics this is a great shoe!


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