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Ryan's Foot Joy


This is an Archived News story about when Ryan Jones was having foot pain during his Professional Rugby Career.

Archived News Story from Ryan Jones' previous trip to ACE

Wales captain Ryan Jones hopes to return to his best form now that he can train and play without any pain in his feet, thanks to a Welsh specialist sports clinic.

They have created a personalised boot for the Wales No.8 using the latest computerised scanning technology.

Ace – Feet in Motion, which has clinics in Cardiff, Bristol and Swansea identified that Ryan’s Feet were too wide for a regular boot, and that the tight fit was causing pressure on a nerve in his right foot.

Working with components supplied by Ryan’s sponsor KOOGA a pair of tailor made rugby boots complete with corrective insoles, were created at the Ace – Feet in Motion manufacturing facility on Sanatorium Road in the capital’s Canton suburb – ensuring that Ryan can play top level rugby without suffering persistent pain.

“It’s thanks to my new boots that I am still able to play rugby.  They are a perfect fit and pretty much provided an instant cure, “he explains.  “While wearing my regular boots I always felt as though I was walking around with a stone in my shoe because of the pressure they created in my foot”.

“Nobody would know the difference but for me, my new boots have transformed my playing career and have meant that no games have had to be sacrificed due to this problem.  I had reached the stage when even walking the dog had become painful, now I can function fine – for which I’m incredibly grateful”.

The medical term for Ryan’s foot condition is Morton’s Neuroma and is a thickening of the tissue that surrounds the digital nerve leading to the toes.

The problem is compounded if a person with wide feet cannot find appropriately fitting shoes.

“It’s a very common problem among athletes who experience persistent pain as a consequence, but at present only the elite have bespoke boots made for them to address the problem” explains podiatrist Tom Cooper, clinical director at Ace – Feet in Motion.

“One of the functions of the special insole is to create more space between the metatarsals – an exceptionally broad boot is then specifically designed to accommodate this feature and the wide foot, thus allowing the pressure on the nerve to be relieved”.

Bob Cooper, Ace – Feet in Motion’s managing director said” Incorrect biomechanical foot function is a common cause of many sports injuries such as shin splints, knee, ankle and foot pain.  The provision of the corrective insoles and the use of appropriate sports footwear can help eliminate these problems.  Which is why many sports enthusiast from all levels of sport come to see our experienced podiatrists.

We already produce bespoke boots for top athletes among them a number of premier league footballers but we are looking to make this service available to all serious sports enthusiasts”.

Ace – Feet in Motion is the official podiatrist to the WRU and Cardiff City Football, Welsh Athletics and Disability Sports Wales.

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