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Foot scanning service

Sports footwear must complement your foot type and sporting activity, so often we see people suffering with different sports injuries as a result of being in the wrong footwear. At Ace Feet in Motion our experienced staff will scan your feet using the latest computerised pressure plate technology to ensure that you purchase the correct sports footwear for your foot type.

During the scanning service we will identify your foot type which will enable us to advise you on the best type of trainer for you, whether that will be neutral, mild or moderate stability. We feel that the right shoe for the correct foot type is very important.

Appointments aren’t needed for trainer assessment, just turn up to the shop and our experienced staff will take good care of you.

Once we have advised you on what type of trainer is best suited to your foot type and you have chosen which style you prefer, we then advise that you try running on our treadmill to make sure they are comfortable.

From the 13th of February there will be a £10 charge for the scanning service, however this charge will be waivered if a trainer purchase is made at the time of scanning. If no trainer is purchased the £10 charge will be implemented and a voucher will be issued that can be
redeemed at a later date. 

 Terms and conditions apply

For any help or advice please call us on 02920 370672 


Opening times

Monday - Friday 9.30am - 5pm

Saturday - 9am - 4:30pm

Sunday - CLOSED


Sports Footwear range

Ace Feet in Motion provides specialist performance footwear and advice to sports men and women, stocking many trainer types from a range of brands. We also stock cross trainers for our gym goers and trial shoes for our off-road runners.