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What is nail surgery?


Senior Podiatrist Hannah Barrett performs nail surgery and talks you through the procedure step by step.


What is nail surgery?

Are you suffering from a painful ingrowing toenail? Nail surgery is the permanent solution to resolving ingrowing toenails or thickened, damaged nails that are difficult to cut or look unsightly.  The word surgery can often sound daunting and may put you off what actually is a simple procedure.   

This blog is going to explain what happens during a nail surgery appointment and includes a short video of our podiatrist performing the procedure and explaining what is happening step by step. 



Who performs the procedure?

The procedure will be carried out by our HCPC registered senior podiatrist in our Cardiff clinic. You will be seen for an assessment before you are booked for nail surgery. At the assessment appointment the podiatrist will ensure nail surgery is the right option for you and take a medical history. 

What happens on the day of the procedure?
We advise that you do not drive to the appointment as you will have a local anaesthetic in your toe. You should eat and drink as normal and take your regular medication as you usually would.  We advise bringing a slipper or sandal as you will have a large bandage on your toe.  You should allow an hour for the appointment.

What happens during the procedure?
You will be given a local anaesthetic into the base of both sides of your toe.  We will check your toe is completely numb before starting the procedure.  A band (tourniquet) is applied to the base of your toe to stop any bleeding.  The piece of nail or whole nail (this will be discussed at your assessment appointment) will be removed.  A chemical will then be applied to stop the offending piece of nail from re-growing.

What happens after the procedure?
When the procedure is over, a large dressing is applied to your toe.  You should go home and rest your toe as much as possible for the next few days.  If you need to wear shoes, they should not be tight. Also, avoid any trauma such as knocks from furniture or pets. You should not get your toe wet until you are seen again by the podiatrist in the next 48 hours.

Will I see you again?
You will come back to see us 24-48 hours after the procedure.  At this appointment we will remove the bandage and check your toe.  We will show you how to look after your toe and how to apply dressings until it is healed- these will be supplied.  The healing process usually takes 6-8 weeks.  In some cases, this could be longer or shorter. If you are concerned you can attend for check-up appointments.  Your toe will look worse before it gets better. 

Can I play sports?
We advise not to play contact sports or swim/water sports when your toenail is healing.

For more information about this procedure contact the team on 0800 6226789 or or [email protected]