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Orthotic manufacture

ACE have been making functional foot orthoses since 2001. We have designed our own range of modular (semi bespoke) orthoses known as FiM's and manufacture a full range of bespoke orthoses including CADCAMs, thermoplastics and carbon fibre orthoses. We manufacture for the Ministry of Defence, NHS and a number of podiatrists, orthotists and other healthcare professionals.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process starts with an order. The order will be for modular or bespoke orthoses or footwear adaptions. For bespoke orders a cast or impression of the foot is needed and for footwear adaptions the shoe and specifications of the adaption will be needed.

Our admin team will process the order once the relevant information from the practitioner has been received. At this point the order is passed to the factory foreman and the work is batched up. Bespoke orders will be scanned, milled or molded and then passed to our team of expert technicians where they will be hand finished. If the order is for our Modular range then the technicians will construct the orthoses to the exact requirement as stated in the order.

Once the orthoses are complete they are passed to our quality department. Here they are thoroughly inspected for quality of finish and accuracy of order. Once passed they will be packaged up ready for posting via recorded delivery or pick up.

The complexity of an order will determine how long it takes to make, however we guarantee a 7-10 working day turnaround from receipt of the order (and all relevant cast etc.) to completion. Royal Mail are then responsible for the postage, but orders usually take between 2-4 working days to arrive. 

We also have an express service for more information please contact us at [email protected]

Custom Made Orthoses

We have a wide range of fully bespoke orthoses available but specialise in CADCAM. CADCAM stands for Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Manufacture and allows us to create fully bespoke orthoses with any modifications built in.

Polypropylene Moulded Orthoses

Bespoke plastic orthoses moulded to a specific cast or impression box

Custom Made Sandal

Sandal made with your bespoke prescription and choice of colours and styles available


Custom made CADCAM orthoses milled in a variety of EVA densities to your cast or impression box


Custom made CADCAM made with a rubber block to the individual cast or impression box

Carbon Fibre

Custom made orthoses with a Carbon Fibre shell made to cast or impression box

Modular Orthoses

We have developed our own range of semi bespoke orthoses for adults and children. These orthoses will offer a lower price alternative to the more expensive bespoke orthoses but will still give you the freedom to apply the patients specific needs, whether that is offering support, correction or a combination of both.

Slim FiM

Pre-fabricated plastic shell with individual prescription added to orthoses. Great for a slimmer fitting shoe

Paediatric FiMs

EVA shell made with a high heel counter for ease of use and comfort. Available in neutral, 3 and 5 degrees

FiM - Off the shelf

EVA off the shelf device

FiM modular

EVA modular orthoses available with a range of modifications and corrections. See downloadable manufacuring pack for more information

Footwear Adaptions

At ACE we are very lucky to have expert technicians in footwear adaption as well as orthotic manufacture and as such are able to make a number of adaptions to everyday footwear and specialist sport shoes.

Splats (spiked flats)

This shoe is a hybrid between racing flats (or any trainers) and running spikes. This involves removing the spikes plate from the spikes and imbedding it into trainers. We are currently working with a number of athletes and have found these particularly successful in the treatment of posterior chain injuries.

Cricket spiking

At ACE we can take any trainer and convert it to a Cricket shoe by adding the appropriate spikes needed for grip.

Boot adaption – heel raises etc

A number of adaptions can be made to rugby/football boots. Heel raises, stiffening, stud additions and many more. Please contact for more information

Shoe adaptation

We have the ability to make a number of adaptions to footwear including adding heel lifts, rocker soles and many more. Please contact us if you would like further information.

Boot Stiffening

This is the stiffening of rugby/football boots with carbon fibre technology. Indications for use include Turf toe, 1st MPJ pain, 1st MPJ inflammation.

Work with us

Interested in the services that we offer?

If you are interested in any of the services that we offer then please get in touch. For more information please look in our downloads section for more information on modular orthoses and adaptions. For information on prices please contact our admin team with the contact information below

Call us on 0800 6226789 or email [email protected]