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    General Podiatry and Chiropody

    At our Cardiff clinic we are fully equipped to perform all aspects of chiropody treatment. As specialists in general foot care we provide toenail cutting, corn and callus reduction, management of ingrowing toenails and numerous other treatments.

    Our experienced HCPC registered Podiatrists will give your feet a thorough examination, assess your foot health and provide professional advice on general care and appropriate footwear.

    All of our Podiatrists are degree-educated with a BSc (Hons) in podiatry and have accreditation from the Health Care Professionals Council and the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.  

    Our Chiropody Treatments include: 

    • Nail care and reduction
    • Hard skin (callus) and cracked heel reduction
    • Corn reduction/removal
    • Verruca treatments
    • Footwear advice
    • Advice on general foot health
    • Diabetic foot health advice



    Nail Surgery


    At ACE we also specialise in the treatment of ingrowing toe nails. Some of these cases can be managed by our chiropody service but occasionally partial or total removal of the nail is required. Fortunately, our competent team are also fully trained to perform such nail surgery as and when required.

    Our Nail Surgery Treatments include:

    • Pre-surgery assessment by HCPC registered Podiatrist
    • Administration of a local anaesthetic
    • Partial or total permanent removal of nail
    • Dressing to be applied
    • A re-dress the following day with advice and care pack
    • A further follow-up appointment to check nail bed recovery

    Nail surgery can also be used successfully in the treatment of thickened nails, fungal nail infection, damaged nails and anything where nails are causing repetitive problems. 

    Most health insurance companies will cover this treatment for you.

    You can book an appointment using the form on this page or call us on
    0800 622 6789.


    Verruca Needling

    A verruca is a harmless virus that lives in the layers of the skin, it comes from the same family as warts. Verrucae (multiple) often present with small black dots which are blood capillaries and can be rough in appearance, they are contagious and can sometimes be painful, uncomfortable and unsightly causing embarrassment.

    Verrucae are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) they spread when the skin comes into contact with contaminated areas. If you have a weakened immune system or stressed, you may be prone to verrucae.


    What is Verruca Needling?

    Verruca needling was first described by Gordon Falknor in 1969. The process involves causing physical trauma to the area using a sterile needle, the aim is to reintroduce the verruca cells into the bloodstream to gain an immune response.


    How many treatments will I need?

    You will need an assessment appointment by a podiatrist to ensure you have the correct diagnosis of a verruca and suitable for needling treatment. This will then be followed by 3 appointments. The first appointment will be the needling procedure, we will then see you 1 week later to review the area and debride any uncomfortable eschar and deflect pressure. The third appointment will be 8 weeks later for a final inspection to review if the verruca has resolved.


    Chiropody & Nail Surgery Pricing

    • Chiropody appointment from £30.00* (treatment plans available)
    • Nail Surgery – from £250.00 (including aftercare)
    • Verruca Needling - from £200 (includes aftercare)
    • Please check with your health insurance provider as your policy might include the treatments mentioned

    *Promotions can affect the price

    Other Services

    ACE Feet in Motion offer an array of podiatry and foot care services which include:

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